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The Princess and The Crab

The Princess and The Crab

SKU: 9781458203328

by Pauline Narine

This mystical story of an African Princess who cries by the river because her father the King won’t let her play. She enlists the aid of a magical Crab who takes the form of a man in order to make the King see his error through the tale of a mean King. This story also contains activities which will keep your child intrigued and engaged.

  • eBook Details

    Publisher: Abbott Press 

    Publication date: June 28, 2012

    ISBN: 9781458203328

    Pages: 35

    Genre: Juvenile Fiction / General

    Format: EPUB (Adobe DRM) *

    File size: 3 MB

    Language: English



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  • More about the author

    > Pauline Narine's Page


    Pauline Simpson Narine was born in Jamaica, West Indies and immigrated to the US at age 12. She grew up in Boston, Massachusetts where she attended Northeastern University and Suffolk University and holds business degrees in Banking & Finance. She is also an Insurance Agent and enjoys Creative Writing. She lives in Los Angeles, CA and spends her time between Los Angeles and the Tampa Bay, Florida area. She works as an Accountant and an Insurance Broker. She started writing stories for her daughter in the 80’s when she was unable to find books that her daughter could relate to .She enjoys creating stories and her first children's book was published in 1994. She is also in the process of publishing her second book which is titled "Ted the Flying Fish".

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